One of the most important fundamentals to have when working towards achieving any goal you’ve set out for yourself, and one of the most valuable assets anyone can ever possess is self belief. Something so simple yet sometimes so difficult for some to acquire. When you believe you can do something that’s when it becomes possible. Lack of belief is one of the most limiting factors in achieving any high level of success or even just the simplest of goals. If you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t. Working towards anything in life with the mindset of failure as the end result will never amount to any successful outcome because of the lack of belief. The first step to achieving any goal in life or seeing your dream realized is believing that it can be done and that you can do it. When you have that positive reinforcement in your mind then you are that much more likely to achieve the end result you desire. Believing you can do something allows you to proceed in the direction of your goal with absolute certainty that no matter what obstacle you are faced with along the way that in the end you will achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. It allows you to make every decision and action with the intentions of moving one step closer towards your goal rather than second guessing everything you do and lacking the confidence that will aid you in getting there, because the truth is, doubt and lack of belief will kill more dreams than anything else ever will. Sometimes in life we are thrown an unexpected obstacle, a distraction, a minor or sometimes major setback, but you can’t allow any of those things deter you away from your goal and what you are working towards. If you truly believe that you will achieve your goals then none of those things should ever steer you away from your path because the end result you desire will be accomplished regardless of whatever obstacle or distraction is thrown your way. If the belief is powerful enough then it should seem as though the end goal has already been achieved. Working towards anything with the feeling of self doubt, lack of confidence and having failure as the expected outcome will lead to exactly that, because every decision and action you make along the way will be accompanied with that self doubt and with that fear of failure which will limit the amount of effort you put into every step along the way because subconsciously you think “what’s the point? If failure is the likely outcome why give 100% into it?”. That’s often times why many people never achieve what they want or stop halfway or never even begin working towards a goal.
So you should never allow any “negative” situation or setback you may be faced with discourage you because know, that even the things that may seem “bad” at the time always serve as a purpose, and often times that purpose is to make you stronger, more resilient and more likely to overcome anything you are faced with along the way.

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