The Power of Thoughts

Your thoughts are some of the most powerful things in the entire world. At the root of creation lies thought. Everything you see around you once started out as a thought, an idea, an image in someone’s mind of what could be. Thoughts not only create the physical manifestation of what you see in front of you or what you hold in your hand but they also create emotion, they create feeling, and whether that feeling or emotion is good or bad is entirely up to you. Thoughts can either be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally, it all depends on which thoughts you choose to entertain and which thoughts you choose not to entertain.

Have you ever had something happen to you that really got on your nerves and made you angry? It can be infuriating, something so little can feel like the end of the world in that moment, you forget about everything else and are solely focused on that one thing that’s making you feel that way. Looking back at it was it really the end of the world? No, Was it even important or of any significance to you right now? Probably not. Yet some of us find ourselves falling victim to this on a frequent basis. That one little thing that probably has no direct effect to the outcome of our future is able to completely ruin our day. One small thing that’s a minor inconvenience snowballs into this massive ball of negative energy that effects your entire thought process and decision making throughout the day. It clouds your judgment and makes you perceive everything that occurs throughout the day with a pessimistic lens therefore leading to irrational decision making that you otherwise wouldn’t make had you not allowed yourself to fall into the downward spiral of negative thinking.
That little thing that started it all may not have a direct effect on the future, but the choices you make afterwards can. Poor and irrational decisions that you make can have a massive impact and negatively effect your relationships with your loved ones and all the other people around you which will in turn effect all other areas of your life.

Every one of us at one point has experienced or has seen someone else experience depression. At times it can be emotionally and even physically crippling, it’s a painful experience to go through and sometimes an even more painful experience to watch someone you Love go through. As someone looking on the outside there’s so much you want to do to help someone going through it, and as someone going through it there’s so much you want to do in order to ease the pain and make it go away. Sometimes the pain can be so unbearable that you would be willing to do anything in order to make the suffering end, and unfortunately for some they resolve to taking their own life. At the root of creation lies thought. A tree cannot grow unless you plant a seed, that seed cannot root if it doesn’t get water, that root cannot sprout into a plant and break through the soil if it isn’t in the right environment and doesn’t have light to eventually emerge and flourish into the tree you see before you. Depression doesn’t happen spontaneously in an instant, it takes time and a process in order for the feeling of that emotion to emerge. People who are depressed have created the perfect environment for that depression to grow and eventually become this overwhelming thing that seemingly controls their life. Everything they do and go through is accompanied with that depression, it’s become a part of their lives and most people who suffer from it have become personally identified as someone who is depressed. So not only has it become a part of their lives but it’s become a part of them.
They’ve created a perfect blueprint on how to be depressed, through their thoughts, their actions, the decisions they make and what they choose to direct their focus on, it is all the perfect recipe to create and feed into that depression.

It all begins with a thought in order for that seed to be planted. Perhaps started by something minor. Say it’s raining outside and so the person takes a look out the window and thinks to themselves that because it’s raining it’s going to be a bad day. Now they’ve started the day with the mindset that the day will be bad, but is the day really going to be bad because of the weather? Or is it because that person told themselves that it was going to be a bad day. Now everything that person goes through and experiences that day is with a pessimistic and negative mindset along with having the expectations and foreseeing anything that happens as contributing to that bad day. They’ve manifested a “bad day” just because of one single thought, because they chose to give a negative meaning to something. Nothing in life has meaning to it until you assign meaning to it. Just like the classic example of a glass of water that’s filled halfway, one person can look at that glass of water and see it as half empty while the other person looks at it and sees it as half full. Just like one person can look outside to a rainy day and think “great! I get a free car wash today” or “perfect day to stay in and watch a movie”. This is just one example of hundreds of scenarios that each of us are faced with on a daily basis, you can either choose to see the negative in something or choose to see the positive in something and whichever way you program your mind to see things will dictate how you feel on an emotional level.

Being depressed isn’t something that occurs instantaneously, it takes time, it takes practice and it takes consistency. It takes someone to experience something and give it a negative meaning and then hold onto that emotion wherever they go and entertain those negative thoughts and experiences that they’ve gone through, constantly reminded themselves of how they feel and what caused them that pain. By allowing themselves to do that they feed into it even more which then amplifies the emotion they feel associated with those thoughts. Rather than having a thought come to mind that they may not like and ignoring it or replacing it with another thought, they continue to entertain it and replay it in their mind over and over again. It’s repetition after repetition on a consistent basis and literally training and programming their mind to see things from a negative perspective and remaining in that mindset while continuously giving a bad meaning to things that occur to them, as well as constantly replaying events that they have labeled as being bad and unfortunate. They even go so far as to creating scenarios and stories in their mind that serve no purpose other than to bring them down and make them unhappy. It’s become second nature to them, not realizing that these are some of the main contributing factors to their suffering.

Thoughts effect the way you feel, the way you act and how you see yourself as a person. They are what’s responsible for the manifestation of emotion. You’re the one who controls and decides what you think of at all times, if a negative thought or feeling arises then you have the ability to shut that thought down right away and direct your focus onto something else. Remember, nothing has meaning to it until you assign meaning to it. Insults or opinions of others mean nothing unless you tell yourself that they do. Any situation can either be good or bad, it’s all a matter of how you choose to look at it.
What you are thinking of in any given moment and what you are choosing to focus on is a direct correlation to how you feel.
You choose which thoughts you entertain and which thoughts you don’t, nobody else is responsible for that. You can sit there for hours everyday repeating the same negative scenario that’s happened or never even happened and feed into that negative energy turning something so irrelevant in the long run and to your story into something so big that you’re able to convince yourself that’s it’s the end all be all or the thing that makes or breaks you or defines who you are. Imagine going through life having that poor and negative perspective about everything, think about the built up negative energy and emotions that someone would create, probably enough negativity to have something so minor make them lose what little control they allow themselves to have, and that’s when irrational decisions get made, that’s when people do things that they can’t take back but wish that they could. You are in control of your thoughts, you are in control of your emotions, you are in control of what you are focusing on in any given moment. When faced with any situation ask yourself how can I make something good come out of this, there is always a deeper meaning to something if you look hard enough for it, if you choose to see and believe that something good can come out of any situation regardless of how it may seem in the moment then it can.
I remember looking at myself in the mirror and seeing this overweight individual who at the time felt had no value and had absolutely nothing to offer to anyone or himself, but in that moment a seed was planted. I decided to change the way I think, how I perceived things and the decisions that I made. From that point on I made a conscious effort to control my thoughts and made decisions that would benefit how I felt and how I saw and valued myself as a person. So in essence, my lowest point is what led to my highest point because I chose to see the deeper meaning in something.

A lot of life is your perspective and the story you tell yourself, and if you tell yourself that your story sucks then it will because you’re the author of it.
If you perceive a situation as being negative then it will be, and if you focus your attention and thoughts on it then you make it seem a whole lot worse than it really is when in reality everything happens for a reason, whether that reason is to help you grow as a person or give you a learning experience it provides you with an essential tool you’ll need in order to be happier. Alot of the times it’s to help us to stop focusing and living in the past because the past doesn’t equal the future, and if you live in the past then you can never truly appreciate the present. Be grateful and feel gratitude, truly feel it. Always remind yourself of all the good things in life and make a list daily of what you’re thankful for and you’ll see how different you feel and see the things around you and you’ll realize how many good things you’ve taken for granted. Nobody or nothing dictates how you feel or who you are, only you do. You are the author to your own story and you can have your happily ever after, you just have to choose to write it.

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